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Lueur Core, LED ring light


  • Even lighting - Get rid of those pesky, uneven shadows on your face and say hello to proper, beautiful lighting!
  • Easy Adjustments - Choose from 10 varying brightness levels and 4 colors of lighting, full-beam for complete illumination, or the first level for a bit more ambient lighting. Also, pick your preferred lighting color whatever you want, we’ve got you covered!
  • Remote Controlled - No need to get up every time, simply use the remote to activate Lueur Core, LED ring light! This makes it perfect for any video recordings or those jaw-dropping selfies!
  • Unrivaled 360 Maneuverability - Rotation couldn’t be easier with our 360-degree swivel head, position it wherever you want and let it work it’s magic!
  • Brilliant portability - Our Lueur Core, LED ring light.is super lightweight and packs up to be an easily transportable device, perfect for people always on-the-go or if you’re recording at a new location! 
  • Easy Height Adjustment - Whether you’re standing or sitting, simply adjust it to your preferred height and get recording! It doesn’t matter if you’re big, small, short, or tall!

Product specification

Lueur Core, LED ring light

Product name Lueur Core
The diameter of LED light 25,4 cm
Luminance levels 1-10
Power 12W
Luminosity 3200k- 5700k
The color of light White, soft, warm
Number of LEDs 120
Power supply 5V (USB power supply)
Power cord length 200 cm
Package weight 0,5 kg
Package size 67cm X 44cm X 37cm

Package content

Lueur Core, LED ring light

  1. LED light with a diameter of 25.4 cm
  2. Two aluminum stands where you place the ring: 
    1. Adjustable floor stand at a height of 140 cm
    2. Table stand height of 18 cm
  3. Stand with 360 ° angle adjustment for mobile device
  4. Stand attachment with 360 ° angle adjustment
  5. Remote control
  6. Instructions for use

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